Nonsuch Tudor Railway

Owner: Derek Reeve

Gauge: O:16.5 

Scale: 7mm Narrow Gauge

Area Modelled: Surrey

Era / Period: 16th Century (Tudor)

Size of Layout: 7ft x 5ft (7ft high)

Total Operating Area: 11ft x 8ft

Number of Operators: 2

Insurance Value: £15,000

Cost of Transport: Fuel for one van at 15 pence per mile

Power Requirements: 1 x 13 amp socket

Other Notes:

No overnight accommodation required, 2 lunches required each day, no special dietary requirements. Layout has own lighting. One chair required.

Layout Description

Nonsuch is the concept 'what if the Tudors developed the railways instead of the Victorians'. This is my idea of what may have been.

Nonsuch is a real place in Surrey. A palace was built by Henry VIII in 1538 to celebrate his 30 years on the throne and for the birth of his son Edward v1. Nonsuch Park still exists. He never saw it completed as he died in 1547. It was eventually pulled down to pay a gambling debt in 1683 by the mistress of Charles II Barbara, Countess of Castlemaine.

The layout was inspired by an idea from Richard Wilson a fellow railway modeller from Market Harborough in Leicestershire who I dedicate the layout too.

All the buildings locomotives and rolling stock are scratch built. Most of the locos run on a Hornby Smokey Joe chassis. Why the Tudor Mice my previous layout? Wendsleydale a cheese mine had mice as characters and I am known as the mouse man.


There are over 50 mice at the last count with some animations. It has taken nearly two years of intensive modelling literally thousands of hours to make. There are lots more animations planned.


If you have any questions about its construction please ask.

Contact Details

Name: Derek Reeve

Address:    13 Station Road, Sible Hedingham,

Halstead, Essex, CO9 3QA 

Telephone: 01787 461224

Mobile: 07774 704363

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